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Auras are the reflections of a person, their spiritual selves. Auras surround all people and animals. They are reflected in different colors, which each color in the aura adding a meaning to the aura. Auras can show healing, stress, love, happiness, and a hundred other things. Visit the color page under tools in the left frame to see what each color means.

Not everyone can actually "see" an aura. Some will though, they'll see the aura and the colors that make it up. Others will see a white "halo" around the person, which is the aura, though they won't be able to see the colors. That's fine, there is nothing wrong with that. Many who can't see the colors will be able to sense which colors are in the aura. Others won't be able to see the aura at all, but will again be able to sense the colors. No way is the "right" way, and no way is inferior to another, they are all just different ways of "seeing" the aura.

Seeing an aura is relatively simple. It's just a matter of focusing on a point behind the person, and letting your eyes relax. It's easiest to start with the person standing in front of a white wall and wearing a white shirt. The important thing is when you begin to see the aura, don't focus your eyes or try to look directly at the aura, often it will "disappear".